a few simple steps

A few simple steps to weekday relaxation:

1. Move your favorite armchair to the window. Window views with autumn trees work best.

     2. Change into your comfiest pajamas. I like flannel or fleece. Fuzzy socks are optional (read: mandatory).

3. Steep a cup of your most calming tea; peppermint or chamomile are both lovely. Bring a treat to nibble on, if so desired.

4. Plop down in your chair - make sure you've got a decent pillow - and open up your current read. Stretch out your legs if you've got the room. Declutter your mind. Breathe and watch the world go on outside. 

5. Now do this whenever necessary. Maybe it's one time every two weeks, or after school each day. Make sure you're giving yourself time to be you. Enjoy.


  1. Love, love, love this. <3
    Sounds like what I would do every day if time allowed.

    ---->> Kate

  2. just love this, Grace. so beautiful. :) xx

  3. Ha, I just wrote about fuzzy socks. They're a necessity around this time of year =)