happy things

Considering I'm not a religious person, it's funny that Easter was my first time in months not desperately wanting to go hide in bed forever. Perhaps it wasn't quite a happy day, but this holiday brought many happy things: smiling daffodils, sending my brother on a chocolate hunt, a sweet gift surprise, baking carrot cupcakes and painting eggs in shades of pink and raspberry to be dipped in gold glitter.

What were your happy things this weekend?


the family in film

Regardless of how difficult it is to shoot with, I think film is rad. Then again, who doesn't? Pre-digital photographers will curse the tricky film process under their breaths, but the beauty of a film frame is undeniable.

My appreciation for film became real on a quiet day at home with nothing to do but to reorganize the family bookshelves. My Mother and I spent our morning completing the task and came away with wonderful finds: her vintage name tag from a teen job at A&W, an old world map and various forgotten photo albums. There were albums belonging to long-gone house owners; strange families and their nannies, dressed in pleated dresses and captured in sepia. There were also our own albums. Between the vinyl pages coated in dust and misuse, I found these frames; film shots from the 90's featuring my own family. Once alone, these images drew tears and sighs out of me. These were taken just before I was born; and a lost puzzle piece found its way from the album and into my heart. You won't be able to view them quite as I do, but I hope that these odd little shots inspire you in some curious way. Happy Friday - a perfect Friday for forgotten frames of film.


winter foods

winter foods: scones with jam, pomegranate, hot chicken soup and citrus

now that spring has come - what was your favorite winter food?