these city streets - part II

as seen on: april twenty-third, 2013

walking home from: the library

warmth of: seven degrees celcius

soundtrack of: the wiles, first aid kit, the mowgli's, regina spektor, taylor swift


these city streets - part I

There are some things that can't be ignored. For example, try as we might to ignore it, our Canadian winter extends its hand all the way into May. It is also an inevitable fact that my body is perpetually cold.

Today, both of these things were ignored.
Today, the sun did not shine, but the wind and springtime showers were warm on my face.

The streets of this city drew me, held me tight, and installed within me a wish to keep walking, exploring, and learning, forever.


anatomy of a cake

Today, I have two words for you: 
eat cake. 

 (first - the crumb coat)

 (then the fresh whipped cream)

 (two layers is better than one)

 (get serious with the frosting)

(make it look fancy)

(finally - the first slice is an official part of a cake's anatomy)

(bon appetit!)


antique afternoon

The strong winds threatened to burst in from outside but we've lived here long enough to simply shrug it off. Wouldn't it be funny if the wind had taken all of those antiques flying? I couldn't resist buying my first vintage camera; for you, it was a teacup. Finally tucked inside the warm cafe, we were four laughing girls connected by hands around steaming mugs and treasures tucked inside of our bags. I was sad to leave you and your caramel latte glow. Once home, I buried my nose in my shirt that smelled of coffee.