antique afternoon

The strong winds threatened to burst in from outside but we've lived here long enough to simply shrug it off. Wouldn't it be funny if the wind had taken all of those antiques flying? I couldn't resist buying my first vintage camera; for you, it was a teacup. Finally tucked inside the warm cafe, we were four laughing girls connected by hands around steaming mugs and treasures tucked inside of our bags. I was sad to leave you and your caramel latte glow. Once home, I buried my nose in my shirt that smelled of coffee.


  1. I love antique shopping! And your blog is really quite lovely Grace!

  2. Antique is the best! I love going into shops like that one! Their so cool and everything is so lovely. :)
    And you captured it quite well. :)

  3. antique shopping is the best!
    lovely blog :)

  4. how fun! antiquing is the best of adventures. ;) your stills are just lovely. xx | a fellow grace ;)