happy things

Considering I'm not a religious person, it's funny that Easter was my first time in months not desperately wanting to go hide in bed forever. Perhaps it wasn't quite a happy day, but this holiday brought many happy things: smiling daffodils, sending my brother on a chocolate hunt, a sweet gift surprise, baking carrot cupcakes and painting eggs in shades of pink and raspberry to be dipped in gold glitter.

What were your happy things this weekend?


  1. I love the muffin pictures so much ;) The first one especially is amazing ;)
    A very happy thing for me today was going to church and being filled with joy about what Jesus did for me. It was a wonderful morning because of it :)
    Happy Easter!!!!
    -mal :)

  2. Aw, that's awesome. Those were some great hiding places!
    The dog is absolutely adorable, and I love the glittered eggs.

    Happy thing was seeing my family and my fiance's family. It's great to have people who love you nearby.