the family in film

Regardless of how difficult it is to shoot with, I think film is rad. Then again, who doesn't? Pre-digital photographers will curse the tricky film process under their breaths, but the beauty of a film frame is undeniable.

My appreciation for film became real on a quiet day at home with nothing to do but to reorganize the family bookshelves. My Mother and I spent our morning completing the task and came away with wonderful finds: her vintage name tag from a teen job at A&W, an old world map and various forgotten photo albums. There were albums belonging to long-gone house owners; strange families and their nannies, dressed in pleated dresses and captured in sepia. There were also our own albums. Between the vinyl pages coated in dust and misuse, I found these frames; film shots from the 90's featuring my own family. Once alone, these images drew tears and sighs out of me. These were taken just before I was born; and a lost puzzle piece found its way from the album and into my heart. You won't be able to view them quite as I do, but I hope that these odd little shots inspire you in some curious way. Happy Friday - a perfect Friday for forgotten frames of film.

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  1. oh, how i love film, the texture and light and the way the colours come out much softer than with digital. thank you for this little gem of a post. :) x