o christmas tree

Fragrant boughs of green, adorned in memories. Swedish glass figures, glistening from in front of white twinkle bulbs. A cedar wooden moose from an old general store in Ontario, representing our family's Canadian traits. Handmade pinky-sized mittens and felted balls, made for the tree by my mother. Vintage colored baubles in different shapes and patterns, inherited from the house when we first moved in. Cheerful painted wooden snowmen and nutcrackers, bringing me back to Christmas trees of the past. All of these ornaments combined result in a tree unlike anything you'll find in a Martha Stewart magazine.

Yet, it's beautiful to me; to us. Honestly, we wouldn't have our tree any other way. We tend to lose track of time while admiring its beauty. The tree lights lure us to the living room and then the woodstove does its job to keep us near. I'd gladly sleep on the couch, gazing at the lights until my eyes finally close.

Whether your tree is artificial or real; themed or free-for-all; with white lights or colored, I encourage you to plop down in front of it with your hot drink of choice and lose yourself in the sight.


  1. this is beautiful, Grace. :) you have such a lovely tree--love the last picture especially.


  2. A beautiful tree and wonderful pictures!

    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

  3. sooooo beautiful!!!
    happy new year!

  4. so lovely! hope you had a wonderful christmas!