light on my shoulders

Sometimes, it is best to let go of burdens simply because they are heavy. I've been carrying my burden for a long journey, and now I think I'm ready to begin unloading it.

It seems I've forgotten how rewarding it can be to float freely and carelessly. I'm a tad rusty at the whole allowing-myself-to-be-happy philosophy. On nights like these, when my voice goes hoarse from whooping and my stomach tightens from laughter, I have to keep on remembering, let go. Even if it's just for tonight, let go.

To release my burden for even a few hours is to joke, smile and sing more easily. To feel deliciously light upon my shoulders. To rise above my heart's heavy load is to live enlightened, to squeeze the drops out of the new year, my fresh slate. Perhaps I cannot abandon my troubles for long, but when I do, it feels wonderful to let go. 


  1. Lovely photos, the fourth one is my favourite.
    I really like what you've written, it's very true. Those nights and moments where nothing matters, they're just the best.

  2. i told you once, i'll tell you again...you've got the most wonderful shots|i feel good in here!!!

  3. What beautiful writing and post. Loving these pictures!
    xo TJ

  4. i like the wreath. nice to see a fellow canadian blogger.

  5. this is just lovely, miss grace! the last one photograph is just lovely. ;)

    thank you so much for the sweet note you left in my garden walk, dear!
    xoxo | grace
    >>----> joyfully tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  6. Allow yourself to be happy and just let it go! It's difficult when you're in weird funks but you need to allow yourself to breathe more. :)

  7. i agree with crissy, sometimes things aren't so perfect, but then again... what is?
    lovely blog by the way, would you mind checking out mine?