I've always held an admiration for people who are dedicated to their collections. Rows of perpetually smiling Beanie Babies in the corner of the room; porcelain figures that gleam in the window light; stacks of movie stubs dating to years past; postcards and stamps glued on cardstock pages; concert passes, vintage cameras or thrifted shoes. There is dedication in a group of beloved objects slowly accumulated. There is patience and timelessness. I've always ached for a collection, yearned for one to call my own. After various attempts, I concluded that collecting wasn't for me.

Turns out, I collect photographs, and I think that's really cool.

p.s. What do you collect?


  1. I love the last one of the water crashing against the rocks :) I collect nutcrackers! I have over 30, and I put them out every year at Christmas :) I also used to collect smashed pennies from the different trips we went on!
    -mal :)

  2. i collect keychains, vintage cameras, russian nesting dolls, and perfume.

  3. oh, love these. that last one, with the waves breaking over the wet rocks... chills. this is beautiful, Grace. :) i collect horses (anything horses;)), knick-knacks, photographs (like you), letters, and memories. :)

    so beautiful, Grace. :)


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I love how people collect things too. It's so interesting to learn about it! I love collecting tea cups and glass vases/cups (to stick things in). And pictures too.

  5. Books!!!