sticky sweet

Summer has arrived in a succession of sinfully sweet hours that pass quickly yet unhurried. Delicious moments clustered like the petals of a flower from my beloved patch of soil, or a tower of wrapped goods ready for a picnic. The sun is glorious, beating down through the maples, the greenhouse glass and my bedroom window. Every meal taken indoors feels like a wrongdoing. Every minute not spent in the warmth seems an eternity.

I see the season as a whole, undivided into different times, emotions or places, but a culmination of every moment to come. They are as one - the feelings, chances, ups, downs and memories. They glow ahead. I move along towards them through a chain of sticky-sweet hours.


  1. I am so glad to see a new update from you. I was extremely worried when I saw that your tumblr had been deleted.

    I hope that it means more time and more of a focus on healing. *hugs*

    It looks like you had a beautiful and peaceful day! I'll bet that's a fun place to picnic!

    1. If you are one of those who visits this blog through my personal Tumblr, I did not delete it, I simply renamed it!

    2. OH! That's it exactly then. Thank you for the clarification.

      By the way, I don't stalk you; I really am concerned and want to keep checking up on you. Plus, you have some fun food ideas - and the math comments/pictures make me giddy!

  2. SO lovely! your posts are always a treat & your words are simply delicious. you are a very talented writer, m'dear. xx

  3. your blog is oh so wonderful. full of beautiful photos and pretty words

  4. "Sinfully sweet" <3