floating on the surface

Have you ever paused to float on your back in the middle of a pond? Did you cry out in excitement for the feelings you couldn't hold inside? Out on a lake, with the surface as my pillow, I am the closest I can possibly get to being a part of this earth. I am the smallest speck, yet I am giant enough to hug the sky.

My legs and arms are bobbing buoys on the water. My hair streams around my ears, sways behind my head. I close my eyes, and I am falling! I must be drowning! Open them again, and nothing new has happened but for the peaceful smile to fill my face.

If infinity exists,  it must be like floating on the freshwater waves, with tingling cheeks angled towards the clouds - it has to be.


  1. oh my gosh, these words are so stunningly beautiful! I just kept shaking my head "yes," because I know exactly the feeling you are describing. And that moment when you know "it has to be," everything becomes so crystal clear.

    You are a wonderful writer ~

  2. Every. darn. time. You say the things I feel- the way down deep thoughts about summer and the water and the swimming when I ought to think about school, school, school.

    And it's so good to hear it expressed so marvelously. I love how each sentence needs the last- and the last sentence needs the first and they are all woven together that way. It makes sense and it's logical and UG. Please write a book. Or just publish this blog as a book. That will work.

    1. Goodness me, Gabby, your comments take me over the moon. Thank you SO much!