roly poly pumpkins.


Two weekends past, a Sunday trip to the local pumpkin patch was fruitful; we returned home with restored smiles and two slightly uneven - but lovely - pumpkins. One week later, we plopped those glistening pumpkins on the kitchen counter and set to work; we hacked, sliced, sawed and scraped. From my choice of verbs, you'd probably think that we were committing murder. Quite the contrary, but it was a feat of similar difficulty. Our pumpkins just did not want to obey. They were rebellious pumpkins, our two. My pumpkin lost a feature or two in the process, and Graham's suffered minor injuries. In the end, we wrestled them down and got the job done (partially, at least).

This year, the orange-and-black glamour of Halloween did not beckon to me. This sudden closed-off emotion towards the holiday may be associated with current events in my life, but I decided to practically skip the 31st this year. However, my brother did not -- enjoy the last photos of Graham decked out in his authentic nerd costume and have a happy Halloween!

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  1. I love pumpkins and I love the farm. <3
    I know what you mean. This year I just did not "get into" the Halloween spirit. I actually kind of despise the holiday now. (am I horrible?)
    I did have a vampire photo shoot with two friends, but that was about it.
    I think Halloween is something many of us quickly grow out of.

    Your brother's costume is hilarious. So cute!