this is how we bake in fall.

It begins when the temperature outside reads below 6 degrees Celcius. The sounds of someone rummaging for flour, sugar and baking powder come from the pantry, and if you take a peek at the oven, you find that it's been turned on to preheat. Curious noses turn up in the kitchen, asking "Whatcha making?" in pleasant tones, hoping to secure their spot as a prime taste-tester. Someone is sneaking chocolate chips, and someone else is dipping their finger into the bowl of batter (for the second time). Pans of raw cookie dough, carefully scooped into rounds, or dishes of sliced apples and raspberries, sprinkled with flour topping, slide into the oven. Eager hands wind the kitchen timer again and again, hoping that somehow the time will pass more quickly. The delicious goods pop out of the oven, significantly more golden and crisp than an hour prior.

It ends as the wind howls mournfully outside of the windows and rain taps at the door, and biscuits and crumbles are gobbled up; every morsel is savoured.

This is how we bake in fall.