a movie night at meredith's.

                         "You know what we ought to do? Watch a movie and chill." And with those two
                              sentences, our plans for Friday night lay before us, simple and relaxed.

 "Can we watch Atlantis? Pleaaaaase?", Meredith cried, and we all shook our heads and raved about our own movie choices. In the end, we settled on 101 Dalmations - the version with the real people - and Leah, Lauren, Meredith and I laid back carelessly in the basement like teenagers are ought to do. We watched with eyes aching for younger years while our brains racked up witticisms and scoffs at how unrealistic the movie was (I mean, really, who loves dogs enough to adopt 101 one of them and buy a new home with dog spots painted on the exterior?) but secretly loved it. Leah was the first to gulp all of her water - like always - and loudly crunched her ice cubes for the rest of the movie - again, like always - but I'd never dream of complaining, because this small trait of Leah's is one that I know and hold close, like every other fact about my friends that I cherish.

Afterwards, the girls ransacked the pantry for cookies, mini marshmallows and goldfish. I stood in front of the counter and held the camera to my eyes, hoping to capture the youth and laughter etched into the faces of some of my closest friends.

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