a weekend of music

 After a weekend spent at a folk music festival in the local park, I have come to the conclusion that music is one of the only magical forces that can draw humans together. For a blessed song or two (or ten), all barriers are taken down and everyone lets go to enjoy the music. We tap our toes in accidental rhythm; we sing along and nod in sync. Put together a stage, a good band and a microphone and you'll have people lined up the block with their blankets and lawn chairs for an evening of live music. At a concert, no one will judge if you dance, holler in delight or whistle -- as long as you don't disrupt the melodious harmonies.

Music is a powerful mystery as to which we will never know the secret. It pulls you in. It makes you laugh, smile or cry -- sometimes all three at once. It's something that everyone loves, possibly the only thing on this earth. Music is for everyone, and everyone is made for music.

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