emily's portraits

I met Emily on the first day of the 7th grade. At the time, she was a sweet, small girl hiding under a long fringe of bangs. Flash forward a handful of years -- past the countless sleepovers, notes passed in class, movie marathons, midnight kitchen raids, camping out in the backyard and shopping trips -- and I see before me a young lady who has suffered some and won some. Emily isn't the innocent-faced pre-teen that I used to know, but she has developed into someone who can hold herself up and fight her own battles. I am so, so proud of who she is. I always have been.

Emily has always been the first one to laugh and the last one to be discouraged. She is so happy and full of loud giggles. I'm thankful to have her around whenever I can, because she will listen to your woes for hours on end. I'm glad that I finally convinced her after months and months of begging to pose for a couple (hundred) of shots, and the result was more than satisfying. She is so beautiful, and I hope someday she can love herself freely and fully.

Have you got a friend that you can rely on to be around whenever you're feeling blue? Do tell.


  1. beautiful young woman. she really is. sadly, i don't have a friend like this. but maybe someday i will :)

  2. Wow, your blog has such happy and real photography! Great job :---)

    http://mightaswellgetjuiced.blogspot.fi/ x

  3. Awesome photographs..
    And yes, she's beautiful.. :)

    I'm your new follower, hope u follow back ;)


  4. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful girl, she has such a lovely smile and I love the way you captured it.