returning home.

There is a delicious exhaustion that comes at the end of a trip. I'm bursting to feel my own pillow underneath my head once again, but I am also filled with wonder at the delight the past several days have brought. Returning home is a bittersweet event; it is then that we realize we left a piece of our old selves on the trip and came back with an entirely new bit of character. I can never pinpoint exactly what changes within me on each of my travels, but I can say without a doubt that each change has been for the better.

(sweetest nephew davis asks me repeatedly, "where is your breakfast? are you going to eat breakfast?" as i snap shots of him munching on mango)

                                                            (littlest cousin keyanna likes her cookie very much, thank you)

Now that it's safe to say that summer is coming to a close, did you travel anywhere? If so, what made that              trip special? I'd love to hear about it. 

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  1. The peaches in the basket make a great photo and look delish!