i love you.

I stepped out to greet the shoreline and the water rushed to cover my feet in response. My toes wiggled around inside of my rainboots as the ocean played tug-of-war with the shore. If I looked to the side, I would see jagged cliff throwing shadows over the rocky beach. If I turned around, I would be facing an intermingling web of campfires and families, dotted across the cove. I gulped in the sea air and the mixed scents of burnt marshmallows, ocean salt and flames. But best of all were the sounds of the sea crushing upon the beach, my mother trying to skip rocks, kids playing in the shallow pools and feet walking on pebbles. The tide seemed to whisper at me, and I couldn't help but grin. I love you, ocean.


  1. This is gorgeous, Grace. Those rocks are stunning! WOW. :) xx

  2. the starfish on the boot= <3 <3 <3. your eye for photography is amazin'.

    1. i know i love that one too :)

  3. these be utterly beautiful Grace.