autumn, come soon.

Somewhere between the first greenhouse tomatoes coming off of the vine and the last subtle sunbeams of golden hour, I have found myself silently craving for fall. The early whispers of cracking leaves, cozy layered fashions and pumpkin breads start to appear in my daydreams like a growing itch, and before I can do anything to stop it, I'm already seeking shorter days, warm boots and mugs of hot drink.

I'm aware that I am crazy, but something about the autumn months draws me in, like a chilly breeze attracting a lonely leaf.

Maybe it is possible to have too much summer. Too much leisure, too little routine. Maybe that is why you'd have a hard time finding a young person who is not secretly anticipating the return of school (although they try to hide it) -- because it is quite possible to have your fill of 'rest days'; of slow mornings in bed; of hours spent dawdling around the house.

I'm sure that you can locate me pining away for the freedom of summer again after October takes a bow and November days begin to stretch endlessly on, but for now I'm going to allow the visions of fall to dance around my head. I can't help it, I love it all: the cheerful pumpkins, wool scarves and mittens, "hunkered down" evenings by our pot-bellied woodstove, roasted vegetables at the supper table and a million reasons to be thankful.

Summer is a friend who has stayed her welcome, and I am torn to see her go but willing to let autumn take her place. 

Tell me - what is your absolute favorite memory of fall?


  1. Your words are so beautiful, Grace! I just started following your blog yesterday and I love it already. You have a gift with words. Autumn is my favorite season, so I'm excited too!! I love the beauty of fall and the crispness of the air, the harvest and the colors, the leaves, and the warm clothing. It's all so wonderful.



  2. I love these pictures! and I am ready for fall too. :) Ready for the cool nights, burnt colors, and the weird but awesome smell of fall.
    New follower!

  3. Stunning photos!