an evening spent with family.

                                                           Sometimes it slips my mind that I am wonderfully lucky to live in this beautiful world. I often get grouchy, cranky, touchy and moody, but my family does their part to bring me back to earth. All it takes is one simple evening spent out with my family to remind me of everything I have. I am blessed with two lovely parents and one brother whom I adore, a roof over my head, a circle of friends, a camera around my neck, an ability to express my innermost feelings through words and speech -- I have every reason to be thankful. People have recited the quote "stop and smell the roses" for so many years that it is worn-out like a trampled down path, but the quote has much to teach everyone. As humans, we have the privilege to sit down and let our senses collide; to see with our eyes and feel with our hearts. We must not abuse this privilege. Let's take time from our busy, rushing, eat-sleep-and-go schedules and stand back to let our surroundings soak in. 

Today, I am thankful for tender yellow corn, dinnertime rituals, a brother who makes me giggle, live music that resonates through the air, a father that will let me rant for hours, dreamy ice cream that makes my tastebuds sing, summer sunsets, library books and my smiling mother (who dutifully takes my portraits when I can't do it for myself).

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